Governors Island Hall of Shame 2021 – Cartoon and list

Governors Island Hall of Shame
The City’s awful rezoning approved on May 27, 2021 was not necessary to bring in a climate solutions center, but the not legally required climate center concept was necessary to sell the high rise, high density largely commercial rezoning to the public.
Here is a partial list of players willing to sell out the bucolic southern area of the island to high-rise high-density development. …

M.A.G.I.C. 4-20-21 Gotham Gazette op-ed: With ‘Friends’ Like That …

gothamgazette op-ed header 4-20-21

With ‘Friends’ Like That — Friends of Governors Island’s Misguided Plan
April 20, 2021 | by Roger Manning & Allie Ryan
The Friends of Governors Island’s (FGI) main rationale for the proposed Governors Island Rezoning Plan — making Governors Island financially self-sufficient and accessible year round — isn’t supported and doesn’t justify turning the “172-acre oasis” …

Op-ed: Governors Island: Can the Trust be trusted? – Village Sun 4/6/21

Governors Island: Can the Trust be trusted?
April 6, 2021
BY ROGER MANNING | Governors Island, first used by the Lenape people, was the first Dutch settlement in New York and instrumental in the escape of Washington’s army in 1776. The island, formerly an Army and then a Coast Guard base, …

Op-ed | Is the city set to privatize public parkland at Governors Island?

amny kirsten

amNY News 1/27/2021
Heads up, New Yorkers, the city appears set to privatize a huge chunk of our beloved Governors Island even though a restricted deed limits the island’s use to be for “public benefit.”
In 2018, the de Blasio administration announced a massive rezoning for this incredibly unique green urban refuge in New York City. …

Opinion: Wrong Vision for Gov. Island – Tribeca Trib 12/17/20

Dec. 17, 2020
By Lynn Ellsworth
Governors Island is public land and home to an excellent park that is self-supporting. Yet 33 acres of it is about to be redeveloped for glass towers under a bad rezoning plan pushed by Alicia Glen, the city’s gentrifier-in-chief and current head of the “Trust” that manages the island. …